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    Why to play PCs games? 

    PCs games are quite improved and interesting than console games and that has already been proved by the game developers. Until and unless you play the games, you will not be able to feel the difference. These games are currently catering a tough competition to the console games.

    If you want to have more intricate information about these online games, then nothing can be the best option other than going through updated techblog with a focus on PCs. Initially, those games were only played over computer but now you can play them on any online based platform and this is one of the major points for which maximum game players are taking greater interests in these games. If you are playing the computer games for the first time, then you can take guidance either from gaming expert or from the gaming site itself.

    There are different stages or levels of these games and they are quite interesting and enthusiastic. Computer games can be played both by adults and kids and you can spend your recreational hours in absolute peace and relaxation with lots of joy by means of playing these games. Computer games can be either online or offline but the online games are more interesting. Some of the online games can also cater you the opportunity of earning money apart from gaming enjoyment and thus you can take p[art in the same. If you want to look for those money-earning games online, then you can follow recent techblog with a focus on PCs.

    techblog with a focus on PCs

    What are the benefits of playing computer games?

    • Injured or ill children can take part in PCs games who cannot participate in outdoor games.
    • These games can increase the computer or technical knowledge of the kids to a great extent and this is necessary for boosting up both their educational and professional life.
    • You can get greater mental strength and intelligence as a result of playing these games. You can also get the opportunity to develop a lot of creativity within yourself.
    • Social skills can be easily developed with the help of team, playing activity and this is how the interaction of the kids with their parents can be improved.
    • Math skills can be improved and you can also get a good knowledge about different programming languages online.
    • You can develop a great concentration and patience level which is necessary in almost every phase of life.
    • You can gain self-confidence and that will help you to take proper decisions in life and you can also get the courage of facing different kinds of challenges.
    • Cognitive skills can be developed along with the increase of motivation. On the other hand, you can gain the capability of solving different critical problems of life by your own without taking the assistance of others.
    • Sense of creativity can be increased as most of these computer games are equipped with colorful and highly attractive images. These images are useful in dragging the attention of maximum online players.
    • The computer games are far better and more interesting in compare to console games and this is one of the major reasons for the selection of these games by maximum passionate players.
    • Hand-eye coordination can be improved by practicing computer games on a regular basis.

    Summary: if you are fully bored by playing console games, then it is the right time to try out with computer games.

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    A tech blog with a focus on PC gaming rage 

    The humble desktop is going great guns with PC gaming gaining grounds all over again. With the advent of PS3 and PS4 as well as XBOX gaming was all about being played at these expensive consoles. The games too were expensive for an average gamer to afford. But we thought of putting up an important tech blog with a focus on PC’s game a rage among present crop of gamers.


    As per recent reports PC game industry is over billions of worth and it is expanding at a very high speed. Many studies conducted by game designing studios reveals that people from all age groups, especially youngsters are back to enjoying gaming sessions on the PC. Given the enormous demand many companies are back in action and each month there are news games being launched in the gaming market.

    An important tech blog with a focus on PC’s gaming rage brings this amazing story when way back in 1950s and 80s computer games needed 16 kilograms of Ram to run games in the system. Those were primitive times when gaming was a new concept and companies trying permutation and combination to bring out PC games with limited technical powers.

    A look at the past

    Gaming was all about entering commands via keyboards and interacting with the personal computer. It was experiencing adventure via text format with limited graphic wonders. Some of the popular games of those times were Spacewars, Adventures, Pool of Radiance or Bard’s Tale. Those were early years when gaming was growing like a like infant kid.

    Video game crash phase

    Then came the great 1982 -83 video game crash phase. Gamers losing interest given limited compatibility of cartridges with the system and market was flooded with poor quality products. Console market was largely affected and many major companies started registering losses.

    In 1981 things being to look good with IBM coming out with personal computers and gaming got a new life or a rebirth. With better operating system people starting buying computers solely to play games.

    Technology driven times

    And today this scene is totally different. An important tech blog with a focus on PC’s gaming prowess are limitless. Now there are swanky heavy duty computers that can run any game with loaded graphics and surround sound. Like someone aptly stated the present day PCs are as good as super computers (pun intended) given its mammoth technical powers.

    Technical specification

    • Need unlimited Giga bytes of ram
    • A graphic card that allows without making changes to hardware
    • Multi-core processor to ensure better performance
    • Most importantly high storage space
    • Update the drivers regularly


    PC games will never be out of fashion but with time it will only witness a reformation. So stay hooked to the games.

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    Understanding PC Gaming – How to Build a Powerful Rig 

    Are you a die-hard console gamer ever since the beginning of time? You have a PC but you refuse to use it as a gaming platform because the set-up and maintenance bothers you? Then look no further! You’ve found a short and easy guide to becoming one of the PC gaming folks. PC gaming is often connected to the words “the master race” which probably roots to the reason that PC games can have beautifully realistic graphics and can be modified to add new thrill and excitement to the game. If you’re interested in setting your feet into the PC gaming realm, then let’s get started! But before the core, let me introduce you to the important parts of a gaming PC: the processor, the RAM and the GPU.

    The Basics

    If you want to play casual games on PC, you don’t need a powerful machine to enjoy them. A dual core CPU, 4 gigs of RAM and GeForce GTX 200 or above/Radeon 4000 series above can be more than enough. You can even use this set of components to watch HD videos and stream the net seamlessly. If you have your own personal computer, you probably have the general idea about how your computer works. Now, let’s take a look about your PC specs. If you want to know your PC specs, you can download apps like SPECCY or run “dxdiag”. Now that you have a general overview of your PC specs, make sure to pay attention to the parts that say “CPU”, “RAM” and “Graphics Card” or “Video Card”. Those are the main components you need to keep an eye when building a PC gaming rig.

    Keep in mind that this is written in a particular point of time and if you will read this post ten years from now, this information is outdated and don’t follow it.

    The CPU

    There are different types of CPU available in the market. You can hear people say “dual cores”, “quad cores”, “3.0 Ghz”, etc. Currently, the two most popular brand of CPUs are Intel and AMD. However, people tend to get Intel but it is all about a matter of preference. Now the actual value you need to look for is the number of cores and the clock speed. The clock speed is the first thing you need to take a look. Basically, something around 2.5 GhZ is a good speed. Next is the number of cores, quad core CPUs are becoming the standard for today. And remember to get a 64-bit CPU.

    The RAM

    RAM stands for Random Access Memory. The more RAM you have, the faster your computer will be. The amounts available are 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB sticks. Basically, 4GB is enough for gaming but if you have spare cash, go for 8GB. If you’re doing a lot of video editing or software development the more ram the better. The reason a lot of folks prefer to run certain intensive programs on a private dedicated server is because this way it won’t chew into their RAM. Doesn’t matter if you get single or dual stick, it the total amount should be equal to the said values. Make sure your motherboard supports dual channel, though before getting two sticks.

    The GPU or Video Card

    The more powerful your GPU is, the better your PC games will run at a smoother frame rate. As of this writing, if you’re an NVidia fan, GeForce GTX650 is the minimum for good PC gaming experience while Radeon HD 7790 for ATI/AMD fans.

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    Quantum Computers – The Future of Computing? 

    For the last two decades, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in the popularity of personal computers, though other kinds of computers (like embedded systems and mainframe computers) have been used by experts for about five decades already. It’s really hard to imagine what the world is today if we haven’t developed this kind of system. The rise and popularity of personal computers and “mobile personal computers (smart phones)” have triggered a great change in our daily lives. It gave us access to a massive amount of information and allowed us to communicate to virtually everyone around the globe. They also replaced a huge part of our leisure time, from video games to watching clips and movies. Computers have literally changed our lives.

    However, there’s something that lacks. We always strive to look for more computing power. We want computing power capable of doing something that’s virtually impossible today. Will we ever satisfy ourselves with the amount of computing power we have? Worry no more, the future of computing might be coming soon, they are the quantum computers.

    Quantum Computers – A Short Introduction

    If today’s traditional computers can solve very large and complex numerical problems very slowly, a quantum computer can easily do that in a fraction of the time. Why? Find out more.

    If you know about binary numbers, you know how a traditional computer operates. Today’s computer works by manipulating bits that exists in one of the two states, a 0 or 1. Quantum computers, on the other hand, aren’t limited to those two states and add another state, which is neither of the two so; they are 0, 1 and both. Qubits represent atoms, ions, photons or electrons and their respective control devices that are working together to act as computer memory and a processor. It has the potential to become millions of times more powerful compared to today’s supercomputers because a quantum computer can contain multiple values simultaneously.

    Quantum Computers – Will They Replace My PC Soon?

    This is one of the most common questions of consumers hearing about quantum computers for the first time. The answer is no, not sooner but later. It’s true that if you compare your Intel i7 extreme to a quantum processor to solve a very complex mathematical problem, the match would look like a race between an ant and a horse but if full builds are to be talked about, a quantum computer can’t replace today’s personal computers.

    Quantum Computers are on their early stages of development and while they can significantly improve our computing power, they aren’t cost efficient because you’ll need powerful cooling to maintain them and their parts are costly and hard to build.

    However, do keep in mind that the first digital computers are as big as your room and radiate heat enough to cook an egg. We’ll just have to wait at least about 50 years before we can see the first “Alienware” Quantum Gaming PC on your local store.

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